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Denver, Colorado (2011) Top Shelf is not like any other cocktail mixer brands. Along side master Mixologist and Founder Paul Dunning, his Partner, Craig Franzblau, a diagnosed Celiac (1997) are positioning Top Shelf as a naturally Gluten-Free mix within this surging niche market.

Top Shelf’s seven mixers are all lower in sugar, calories and acidity in comparison to most other cocktail mixers on the market. “Our ingredients allow for making better tasting cocktails without overpowering the spirits,” Dunning says. Top Shelf’s (non-alcoholic) seven cocktail mixers are sold in Colorado, online and packaged in a beautiful 750 ml frosted glass bottle making about 8 cocktails when adding it’s premium spirits partner (vodka, rum or tequila). Top Shelf is manufactured and bottled in Top Shelf’s controlled manufacturing kitchen and made from naturally Gluten-Free fruits, vegetables and spices. Product has also been randomly tested via AIB for <10 ppm gluten and the brand is confident that there are no gluten traces whatsoever.  Top Shelf’s portfolio mixers range from Margarita, Mojito, Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan, Pomegranate Martini, Raspberry Martini, Sour Apple Martini, Bell Pepper Bloody Mary and Jalapeno Bloody Mary.

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Upgrade Your Sunday Funday Bloody Mary

Sundays are ridiculously awesome! You can extend your weekend with tasty beverages and food that doesn’t force you to go out and spend too much money. Sunday Funday is always a co-ed event with buddies, girlies, family or a combination of awesome. Sunday Funday is year round, whether it’s cold, cool, kinda warm, warm, hot, kind cold or whatever,  so don’t forget to live it up throughout the seasons and kick back that Sunday to keep the weekend  up new notch. And I’ve noticed that for some reason, Bloody Mary’s always taste better on Sunday morning, haha! Here are our top suggestions for enhancing your Sunday Funday and keeping the weekend rolling… 

Morning Bloody Mary & Eggs, Beans and Riceeggs beans and rice

Gather your homies and cronies at the grocery store for picking up your favorite ingredients. To dink, Top Shelf makes two delicious bloody marys. Top Shelf Jalapeno Bloody Mary is a bit spicy, with consistent heat, and a nice collective mouth feel, but won’t make you sweat your face off uncontrollably. However, it does have that tender wake up heat so if you’re a light weight pour a smaller glass and if you’re a champion serve it to the brim and enjoy.  Our Top Shelf Bell Pepper Bloody Mary is more sweet than spicy. It’s made from delicious bell peppers that the most casual and serious bloody mary fan will enjoy. You don’t have to, but if you’re a loyalist of sorts,  you can always top it off with pickles, horseradish, worcester and/or other bacon if that’s what your heart desires. Don’t forget to add your favorite vodka or Snova vodka and then enjoy with some eat! Fire up the sauté pan with a hearty meat, veggie and cheese omelette some beans and even rice. Or if you’re like me go with a side of bacon or sausage and a bread/baguette with sliced avocado. See picture on right.

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The Inception Of Top Shelf Cocktail Mixers

TopShelfMixers_cocktails_glassware3Haven’t we all experienced a bad tasting cocktail? Whether at a bar or even from the liquor store at home during an evening party or bbq… Does too sweet, too syrupy, too pricey and/or it just was missing something sound familiar? 

It was to Paul Dunning, Founder of Top Shelf Mixers, who realized that there must be a better option out there or he’ll just have to create it himself. In 2007, Paul began to experiment with product ingredients in his home and poof – Top Shelf Mixers was founded. He recognized a neglected niche in the non-alcoholic cocktail mixer industry and continued to observe that although premium and super premium spirits had revived a stagnant cocktail market, the cocktail mixer industry did not make a significant response. Bottled cocktail mixer recipes continue to be thick, synthetic mixtures of corn syrup, artificial chemicals or bad tasting posh mixers with lots of high budget Marketing and were not satisfying. In addition, pre-mixed cocktail product with, alcohol included, were sitting on the shelves at stores for a long time and just didn’t taste up to par.

Along the way, Top Shelf first had three previous bottle designs in in various shapes and sizes. At inception a clear custom glass bottle was introduced to the market in Colorado Springs, Colorado and as time flew and word got out we were up north to Fort Collins and in the Rocky Mountains with 200+ store Colorado liquor locations a few years later.   Continue reading