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Taste The IngredientsTopShelf_Mixer_limes

Top Shelf Cocktail Mixers are truly the perfect balance of fresh juice, cane sugar and quad-filtered water. Top Shelf Mixers were created to provide refreshing fruit taste without overpowering the delicate spirits they are designed to compliment. The diamond cut stone represents cocktail mixer perfection that’s found inside every bottle of Top Shelf Cocktail Mixers. Back in 2007 our Master Mixologist created the first few of nine mixers with the vision that every social event should consist of a top shelf experience… Especially when close friends and family are celebrating life’s valuable moments all at a reasonable price point. Every cocktail mixer is made with TLC from delicious fruits, vegetables, spices and pure cane sugar. Just add your favorite liquor! 


What makes Top Shelf Cocktail Mixers even more unique is that you just add premium tequila, rum or vodka. With your shaker, scoop ice and follow a 1 part liquor to 3 part cocktail mixer ratio, shake-shake-shake and strain. Either serve up or on the rocks. Unleash your inner-bartender and show off your skill-set … have an awesome night! Recipes and more details on the side of bottle. Get more recipe ideas. 


Yes! All Top Shelf cocktails mixers are gluten-free. Our mix contains premium fruit juices, vegetables, spices, cane sugar and no artificial or synthetic additives that could contain gluten as a thickener or for taste. Also, Top Shelf mixers are lower in calories, sugar and acidity than most competitors and we’ve checked with a 3rd party laboratory to check that our products are Gluten-Free tested for under < 10 ppm. If you didn’t know, our partner, Craig Franzblau, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in 1997 when food and drink labeling was terrible, but he helps guide us until we can obtain a full GF certification.

Packaging TopShelf_Mixer_Jalapeno-Bloody-Mary-Mixer

Each beautiful 1 liter, frosted, diamond set glass bottle of cocktail mix is made from delicious fruit juices with ultra sleek style and premium fruit juice. The outside and inside were created equally divine and special.  Every Top Shelf cocktail mixer bottle empowers you. Show up to a party with Top Shelf Mix and you’re the center of attention. Let the fun begin… Party confidently, smirk, cuz you know how to celebrate.

Where To Buy In Colorado

In Colorado, you can find delicious Top Shelf cocktail mix for your elegant evening party, graduation, bbq, holiday party or other home event in about 170 Colorado liquor store locations found here.  Top Shelf is available throughout Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and in the Rocky Mountains. Search for a Top Shelf liquor store location near you, here. If you can’t find a store near you, no worries, simply ask your local store to contact us or let us know and we’ll send a sales rep into your area. 

Tasting Panel Magazine Ratings 

Top Shelf Mixers have been rated by the brilliant Anthony Dias Blue. Come back soon for more ratings on our newest cocktail mixers!TopShelf_mojito_glassware

Top Shelf Jalapeno Bloody Mary Mixer  91 

Top Shelf Lemon Drop Mixer  92 

Top Shelf Margarita Mixer  85 

Top Shelf Mojito Mixer   83tastingPanel_logo




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