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What is the shipping policy?

All orders are specially handled and packaged very carefully to to protect your shipment of glassware which is heavy. Due to this process we source Standard UPS Ground Shipping typically. Our processing and handling may take 3-5 business days plus an additional 5-7 business days. Also, due to the weight and carefully packaging shipping cost tend to be higher than average shipments. We ship everywhere and customers return regularly due to the unique taste, packaging and care we offer. Cheers!


How can I purchase Top Shelf Mix wholesale?

To purchase Top Shelf Mixers at your establishment, please contact a sales representative from Classic Wines of Colorado.  We thank you for your consideration! For additional information please fill out a form on our Contact Us page here >.


Are Top Shelf Mixers gluten free?

Yes. Top Shelf Mixers are naturally gluten free because we source quality not from concentrate fruits, vegetables and spices that are free from gluten. Our manufacturing facility does not utilize gluten either. In the past, we have AIB tested gluten for <10 ppm and deemed Non Detectable, but do not batch test ongoing as it is unnecessary. Therefore, Celiac Disease lifestylists are encouraged to enjoy Top Shelf Mixers.


Are Top Shelf Mixers made from natural ingredients?

Of course! We define "natural" as not from concentrate juices, vegetables and spices sourced from ethical partnerships in the supply chain. Top Shelf Mixers do not include artificial syrups, flavors or additives. Citric acid is included to extend the shelf life without use of debated perservatives. 


Are all mixers vegetarian?

Yes. Top Shelf Mixers does not use any animal or animal bi-products in our ingredients or facility. 


Are all mixers non-GMO?

Yes. Top Shelf Mixers does not knowingly source GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms, for any mixer products and do not utilize GMOs in the manufacturing facility. 


When was Top Shelf Mixers founded?

Top Shelf Mixers was born around 2007. The cocktail mixers category had been stale and sticky from syrupy, artificial cocktail mixer and juice products.  Unfortunately, those mix products are still rampant at restaurants and your local liquor stores. Founder and master mixologist, Paul Dunning, decided to change that stigma and provide better shelf stable cocktail mix for everyone at home to enjoy great tasting cocktails in addition to bartenders and mixologists at the top bars around the country. Top Shelf Mix will stand up to any mix flavor, by anyone, for anyone, try for yourself. 


Are all Top Shelf Mixer sales final?

Yes. If you have an urgent issue please fill out form at Contact page. Thank you.