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Cannabis Jalapeno Bloody Mary Mix

Top Shelf Cannabis Jalapeno Bloody Mary

New Arrival: The FIRST, the ONLY…Top Shelf Cannabis Jalapeno Bloody Mary Mix!

We took our best-selling cocktail mixer and kicked it up a notch by adding 50mg of cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from organic Colorado hemp (cannabis sativa). It’s got all the benefits of nutraceutical CBD combined with the ideal balance of 10 premium ingredients – all fresh and hand-selected, with no additives – low calorie, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, or as a healthy alternative beverage whenever the mood strikes. Some say it works wonders for hangovers too! Impress your friends and family by introducing them to the coolest trend in cocktail mixers.

Try it today!

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Top Shelf Lemon Drop Martini: 92

Look no further for fantastic Lemon Drop Martini mix carefully hand made with a perfect balance of fresh lemon juice, fresh orange juice and pure cane sugar. The balance of acid and sugar will never over power its premium vodka partner such as Snova Vodka. This refreshing cocktail goes down easy and tastes fantastic! Top Shelf hand-crafted premium cocktail beverages are ideal for at home parties, cocktail hours and special events. Top Shelf Lemond Drops will never disappoint your party peeps so have it on hand at all times. An All-natural, gluten-free, vegetarian and low-calorie beverage made in Colorado.

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Top Shelf Jalapeno Bloody Mary: 91 

If your'e into Bloody Marys then you've come to the right place. We're 100 confident you will love it as is with your favorite vodka added. Tis just the right amount of spicy kick compliments of the delightful jalapeno! Enjoy the perfect balance of ten hand selected fresh ingredients into our favorite recipe for our take on the precious Bloody Mary cocktail. When local in Colorado it's recommended to pair with premium vodka partner Snova Vodka. Absolutely ideal for every weekend breafkast or brunch, home parties, cocktail events, and whenever the craving occurs! Every single home bar requires a go to Bloody Mary Mix on standby that will not disappoint family and friends. Try Top Shelf Jalapeno Bloody Mary mix - made from all-natural, gluten-free, vegetarian ingredients and a low-calorie beverage made right here in mile high Colorado.

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Top Shelf Margarita: 85

The world's most favorite cocktail... Top Shelf Margarita Mix is the perfect balance of lime juice, orange juice and pure cane sugar. This unique recipe albeit simple yet extremely complicated balancing act took our master mixologist over two years to perfect! Our light and super fresh Margaritas are especially unique to the market because it will make you look like a mixologist when adding any of your favorite premium tequilas. Top Shelf Margarita Mix does not overwhelm the drink from typical syrupy flavors and intense acid. Our Margaritas are wildly flavorful with a smooth finish so always have it on hand at your home bar.  Top Shelf hand-crafted premium cocktail beverages are ideal for Mardi Gras theme weekly parties, regular cocktail hours and special events when those deep Margarita cravings occur! An All-natural, gluten-free, vegetarian and low-calorie beverage made in Colorado.

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Top Shelf Mojito: 83

The Top Shelf Mojito mix is the perfect balance of fresh lime juice, mint and pure cane sugar. We use just about half the acid of other brands, which allows the exquisite flavor of mint to burst on the pallet. This incredibly delicious tasting Cuban favorite is an excellent addition to any special event activation and now you can seriously be the mixologist with ease. Every home needs a sophisticated and perfect Top Shelf Mojito Mix! Look no further for your new favorite Mojito Mix and see our recipes page for some superb ways to easily impress your party crew.  Top Shelf hand-crafted premium cocktail beverages are All-natural, gluten-free, vegetarian and low-calorie beverage made in Colorado.

Top Shelf Mixers Have Been Rated by Anthony Dias Blue

Top Shelf Mixers Have Been Rated by Anthony Dias Blue

Delicious, Hand Crafted Mix To Uplift Your Cocktail...

Top Shelf Cocktail Mixers are made with exceptional care! Hand crafted goes along way from your friends here in mighty Colorado. Original recipes were all created by master mixologist, Paul Dunning, He obtained years of bartending experience, utilizing terrible syrupy, unhealthy, and poor quality mix ingredients often found at bars and restaurants. Knowing a great tasting cocktail was a science not a joke, he developed Top Shelf Mixers.

Now you can leverage our base mix to create one of a kind delicious cocktails at home without the over sweet, syrupy type that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Just add your favorite premium tequila, rum or vodka such as Snova Vodka. Top Shelf Cocktail Mix doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Instead, we use pure cane sugar, quality not from concentrate fruit, veggies, spices and of course it tastes fresh, jam-packed with flavor that will keep your party lasting! Utilizing naturally gluten-free ingredients, vegetarian, low calorie with exceptional taste!