Shake a drink with a cocktail mixers when your using ingredients such as liquor, liqueur, fruits, veggies, spices and ice to chill the ingredients and wake up the flavors within. If your ingredients contain dairy and cream it isn’t always to be shaken. When using a shaker be sure to hold the top and bottom of your shaker carefully and vigorously shake-shake and smile to excite your friends and family who are awaiting your creation. Typically there will be condensation on the shaker signifying the chilled combination of ingredients. 


When using a shaker, it’s common to use the strainer which is usually include to remove any ice or thicker ingredients in the cocktail fo ra martini style cocktail. Wash your shaker and strainer in-between drinks. 


Stir your cocktails with a proper glass or even a metal rod to awake and diffuse the liquor from the other ingredients. This process of stirring avoids overly frothing or bubbling the drink itself. 


It’s important to muddle when you are extracting mints, fruits and other citrus garnishes. Use a pestle or even a spoon on already broken down ingredients to assist in the process and you’ll be pleased. 


You can use a blender for drinks that require lots of ice and fruit ingredients when shaking or stirring isn’t going to cut it. Blending will create a thick and smooth drinking experience perfect for warm, outdoor weather. 


This process includes adding ingredients in the order in which the cocktail will be served while being mixed. 


You would layer a drink such as ingredients with cream and put the ingredients on top of each other by using a rounded spoon inside the glass step by step. Pour one layer at a time to ensure layering and keep separation. Light ingredients should be layered on top of heavier ingredients. 


If you plan to set your liquor or cocktail on fire it’s called flaming.  Be careful and do not attempt without proper and safe preparation from a professional who has done this before.  Many liquors will ignite fast and it’s vital know what you are doing. 

Mixology 101


Martini Glass
A beautifully shaped triangle glass with a long and beautiful stem for a straight-up (without ice) cocktail such as for martinis, manhattans, metropolitans, and gimlets.
Ranging from 4-12 ounces

Margarita or Coupette glass
A larger and bowl shaped glass with a sizable rim for holding salt, ideal for drinks such as the margarita. It’s also used similarly for larger fruit based drinks such as the daiquiri.
About 12 ounces

Collins glass
Typically a tumbler style tall and lean glass for vodka or gin drinks, and is now also commonly used for any juice based drink, too.
About 10-14 ounces

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